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Monday, March 27, 2017

A Complete Guide On How To Create A Blogger Blog [part 10]

Chibueze Ogbonna     12:00 AM     No comments


Welcome back to the Complete Guide On How To Create A Blogger Blog Today I will teach you how to Make Money with Your Blog via Google Adsense

By displaying Google Ads on your blog, Google will pay you every time a visitor to your blog clicks on the Google Ads. The amount Google pays per click varies, depending on many factors best known to Google. You can read more about Google Adsense online or get some free ebooks on Google Adsense. I will teach you the simple way of inserting Google Adsense Ads on Your Blog but I suggest you have posted at least 20 good articles to your blog. This will make your Adsense registration to be approved on time and also enhance the quality of ads that will be served to your blog.

Note: You MUST NOT click on the Google Ads on your blog. If you click on the Ads by yourself, Google will know and you will be banned and once banned, you might not be able to use Google Adsense again. So, DO NOT ENGAGE IN CLICK FRAUD. Wondering how Google will know? Well, technology makes it very easy.

NOTE: Before you apply for Adsense, try and add “Privacy Policy”, “BlogArchive” and “Breadcrumbs” to your blog.

You can generate “Privacy Policy” for your blog at

You will find “Blog Archive” from the list of Blogger gadgets. You can check the “blogger tips” category at for tutorial on “how to add breadcrumb navigation to blogger blogs”. 

Please Note : Completing this application process does not guarantee that your blog will begin showing ads automatically. Your blog must comply with AdSense program policies in order for your application to be approved. To get started, Log in to and click on the “Earnings” tab

Click on the “Get Started” button “Create Account”. Fill in the form Choose “Individual” as the account type. Ensure you are at least 18 years of age and the “Payee Name” matches the name on your bank account.

The “Payee Name” is what will appear on your cheque which you will take to your bank. If it doesn’t match the name on your bank account, your bank will not process the cheque for you. There is a space for “Street Address” Fill it accordingly. Take Note of the “Policies”, tick all the boxes and note that failure to adhere to the rules will lead to you been banned. Once you are banned, you will never be able to re-register for Adsense again. Be Warned! Take note of the tutorials on the right hand side. You will learn a lot about Google Adsense if you read them. When you are done, click on “Submit Information”.

What Next?
You will have to wait for feedback from Google Adsense about your application. In the mail that will be sent to you, you will be informed if your application has been approved or not. If approved, you will see the instruction on how to add the ad codes to your blog. If not approved, you will see the reasons in the mail and the steps to take in fixing the problem(s). If approved, you can always log in to to generate your ad codes, track your earnings, monitor your payments etc.

Once you earn up to $10, Google Adsense will mail an envelope containing your Adsense pin to the address in your Adsense account. You will have to enter this pin somewhere in your Adsense account at for your Adsense account to be verified. Failure to verify your Adsense account after a specific period of time might stop Google Ads from been displayed on your blog.

Logging Out of Blogger
Once you have finished working on your blog, always sign out to avoid illegal access to your blog dashboard. Anytime you log in to, you will see your name at the top right hand corner of your blog If you click on it, you will see the “Sign out” link. Click to log out.

Apart from Google Adsense, there are other ways you can monetize your blog.
You can:
. promote other services you render on your blog e.g web design etc
. help others advertise their product via your blog posts and charge them for it
. sell advert spaces on your blog
. promote affiliate products, Joint Partner Products/Seminars etc
You can read more about blog monetization online.
NOTE: You will only make money from your blog if people are visiting and reading your blog. The more people that visit your blog, the more money youstand to make from the blog. Hence, TRAFFIC is very important.

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