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Friday, March 31, 2017


Chibueze Ogbonna     8:23 AM     No comments

Speeding up your website is very easy but quite demanding. Many bloggers add too many widgets, inline CSS, JavaScripts and
large images but still expect their blog to be fast loading.
 Your blog loading speed increases blog SEO. A blog that takes less than 2 secs to load gets lower bounce rate and also more preference by Google and Visitors.
A blogger blog must be fast on mobile phones (mobile friendly) and on laptops. This is why many bloggers work very hard to increase their blog loading speed. I personally avoid blogs that take a time to load. A fast loading blogger blog has an edge over other blogs.

    #fact - 40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load.

9 Killer Tips To Speed Up You Blog

1. Learn To Use PageSpeed Insights
Before judging your blog for loading slow, it is proper to run a page speed test and see what script is affecting your blog loading speed. PageSpeed Insights is a free online web performance tool developed by Google to help you run speed test of your blog.

PageSpeed Insight tool helps you speed up your blog by displaying the problems of your website and also recommend best solutions to it.

    Google PageSpeed Tool

 2. Use Less Widgets
As a blogger wanting to speed up your blog, you should start prioritizing widgets by removing widgets that are not necessary. By adding too many widgets at the sidebar and blog header, you are killing your site load speed.

Important widgets tend to be subscription box, Popular post, about author widget and a few more. This will help to increase your blog load speed. Aside from using fewer widgets, Use little or no widget in your mobile template. 

 3. Optimize/Minimize Images
Images contribute to the reduced loading speed of most blogger templates. Adding large or too many image file to every post makes your blog reduce in speed.

It is recommended you minify all images before your upload them to your Blogspot blog. Images should be in Kilobytes (KB) and not MegaBytes (MB). You can easily do this using free online and desktop tools.

    Completely Compress, Resize And Optimize Images For Blog Post
    How To Optimize Blogger Images To Increase PageSpeed.

 4. Add Image LazyLoad Plugin
LazyLoad Plugin is a Jquery function that simply delays the loading of your blog images. Using LazyLoad will make your texts and important sections show before the images are loaded.

LazyLoad also loads your images on scroll with animations i.e as you scroll down your blog, all your images are loaded one by one thereby speeding up your BlogSpot blog.

 5. Minify CSS Codes
CSS codes define the look and feel of a theme. i.e without CSS, your template will look plain, ugly and anything not good for the eyes. This is why CSS is used to define colours, fonts, style etc. Not minifying the CSS code of your blog will affect your blog negatively.

You can find you CSS codes right above ]]></b:skin>. Using the PageSpeed tool, you will be shown a Minify CSS option. Fix it and your blog will load faster.

    BlogSpot CSS Minifier
 6. Use Asynchronous Versions Of JavaScripts Like Jquery
JavaScript is a major set back to quick page loading. It delays the website until the entire script is being loaded. We often use many of such scripts such Jquery, and many others on our blog.

Using the Asynchronous version of such scripts simply delay the loading of the script. By doing this, the plugin works fine and your blog load really fast. Google recommends Asynchronous scripts this is why they have implemented it in Adsense and AMP scripts.

    3 Surefire Ways To Eliminate Rendering Blocking JavaScript In Blogger Blog

To do this simply add async=' ' to your javascript. an example below.

<script async='async' src='' type='text/javascript'/>

 The Google AMP Project

 7. Use Google AMP
Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is the blessing of 2017. Google AMP is designed to make your blog load fast on mobile devices and also on laptop devices.

With AMP, you can add lazy loading iframes, carousels, accordions, images, videos, audio players, advertisements etc and all these won't affect your blog loading time.

Google AMP is officially the best way to add widgets and speed up any blog. It is very easy to setup and quick to use. I am currently making my blog AMP ready.

 8. Optimize External CSS Links
CSS codes load both internally and Externally. In tip 4, I explained why and how you should minify CSS codes, unfortunately, that same procedure won't work for External CSS Links.

External CSS links cause more damage to loading speed. By using external links such as FontAwesome, Google Fonts etc your site will have to make a lot of HTTP requests. Therefore, It is recommended you optimize these scripts or avoid using them.

 9. Reduce Number Of Post On Homepage
The higher the number of post on the homepage, the more images, CSS, JavaScript requests your site will make. Reducing the number of posts per page will improve your blogger blog loading speed.

You can easily do this by going to Layout >> Blog >> Edit >> Number of posts on main page

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