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Monday, March 20, 2017

[MEN]Use these 2 NATURAL ways to last longer in bed

Chibueze Ogbonna     10:54 AM     No comments

Being a one minute man isn’t what any man wants, even sprinters would like to last longer in bed, world’s fastest man don’t want to the same title in bed. I don’t need to emphasize how dire this situation is, people who are suffering from it, can bail me out on that. If you’re not suffering from this, then you’re a lucky guy, my friend.

Suffering from premature ejaculation can be a big source of bother for the man, and even appalling. One fact about this is that it is even more common than you think, a lot of men suffer from it.
Laura Hampson Daily Star spoke with Dr. Douglas Savage, The Leger Clinic, a facility that treats people with diverse sexual problems, and quite competent in this regard of premature ejaculation.
He revealed that the situation is one that one in five men suffer from at some point in their lives, in essence 20% of men will encounter during their live.
“I always tell them it’s not their fault it has developed. Most cases we see is because this is the way that they’ve been born – it’s what nature intended,” Douglas explained. “They are certainly not a failure.”
Looking closely at pre-matured ejaculation, it’s categorized into lifelong and acquired. It can be acquired due to anxiety concerns.
“Most of the men have always had it,” Douglas explained. “For a few people it’s secondary for various reasons. Usually due to an erection problem or sometimes anxiety because of a relationship.”
“It can happen due to medical conditions also, although this is very rare. Overactive thyroid can be a source as well as inflammation or infection of the prostate.”
Men aren’t always open to making appointment with medical professionals about their overall health, talking about premature ejaculation with the professional can be difficult. However, here are things you can do naturally to help you.
1. Don’t get too excited

This isn’t to tell you not to get excited that you’re about what is about to happen, we’re saying don’t get too excited, get the difference. Douglas revealed that some men don’t know their level of sexual anxiety or anxiety.
Helping them to put it on a scale from 1 to 10 can help. When they put a number to it, this can help to identify how anxious they’re and ask them to drop the excitement which can make them last longer.
2. Relax your ass

I’m sure you’re wondering what that has got to do with anything, these nutjobs talking about things that don’t matter. Before you finish cussing us out, here is why it matters. Premature ejaculation can be triggered when a man tenses his bum excessively during sex.
Try to relax your ass while you thrust and see if it doesn’t help extend your sex time.

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