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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Readers say Samantha should keep praying for her husband

Chibueze Ogbonna     12:00 PM     No comments


                                                                        This worried lady needs advice

Samantha has been married to Tayo for three years with two kids and for the most part, he has been a great husband and father.

But in recent times, he has been mixing up with the wrong guys who seem to have messed up his life. Tayo is now addicted to pornography and Samantha is not even sure if he is not cheating on her.
Read her story here:
"My name is Samantha, a 29-year-old woman. I have been married for three years with two kids but in recent times, my husband has turned to something else as he is hooked on pornography.
Before now, Tayo was the model husband and father and never joked with the things of God. Because of his commitment, he was made a worker and he encouraged me to join the choir.
We never missed church and religious activities and our pastor often used us to set examples on how a Christian family should be like.
But all that changed when he joined this so called 'all boys' club' and they began hanging out. At first, I did not see anything wrong with my husband being part of the gang as they call themselves but when he began to keep late nights, go out for their boys' time out and all those stuff, I became worried and told him so.
But he told me the gang only hang out to have harmless fun, watch soccer and generally catch on old times but when he started coming back home drunk, I knew I was in trouble.
Then he started sleeping out and whenever I questioned him, he would tell me he is the man and has a right to do whatever he wants. He then began missing church and even visits and calls by the visitation committee have not made him see reason whey he should change his ways.
The whole thing got to an end when I noticed that Tayo was always with his laptop and was becoming secretive. He would often lock himself in the study whenever he was not at work and my initial thought was that he was into some shady deal.
I placed the laptop on high alert and one day when he forgot to go to work with it, I opened it since I have the password and what I saw threw me off balance.
It was glaring that my husband was hooked on pornography as there were many photos of naked women and girls with over 20 videos of pornography.
I was still in a daze when he came back and I confronted him with what I saw and he flared up and told me I had no right to invade his privacy.
Since then, he has changed his password and it seems he is more deep into it as he has even lost interest in sex. I fear this love of porn could grow into Tayo seeing other women, that is if he has not even started cheating on me.
 I have begged him, threatened him several times but he is not in a hurry to change. I cannot expose him to our pastor or tell anyone what he is doing but I am really worried I may lose my husband to porn.
The teaser for the day was:
How Nigeria voted:
I will divorce him/her immediately - 16%
I will help him/her to overcome the addiction - 39%
I will pray for him/her to change - 41%
I will see it as just a passing phase - 4%
How would you vote on this issue? DROP YA COMMENT 

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