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Saturday, April 8, 2017

[MUST READ] Students Greatest Mistakes And How To Aviod Them

Chibueze Ogbonna     10:47 AM     No comments

career mistake.jpg
career mistake

Clear thinking will permit one to assert that career mistake can be divided into two. The mistakes made by students before they find themselves active in the world of commercialism, and the blunder perpetrated by those who are already active in the career world.

Consider a situation where a father mistakes talent for book intelligence. He sees the capacity of the child, and with desire, he counsels: “you will do well in the field of science, medicine to be precise. I want you to become a medical doctor.” This, the child is made to believe. He then pretends to be coping well in the mandatory field, and with respect, he promises not to let down his father.
But, time is a wonderful thing, it has the capability of bringing forth our true self. And when it does in this case, regret takes the place of pretense.
Another is compelled to study a course with the belief that it is an access to a well-paid job. Everything is done to achieve better grades; including the ignoring of passions call.
However, it is true that things do not always come as hoped; and when the truthfulness of this fact starts manifesting itself with time, frustration usually takes the place of hope.
There are other examples that could be cited for the purpose of emphasizing more on the mistakes made by students with regards to career. But these two should do; for they are the majors when it comes to career mistakes made by students.

How to prevent career mistakes made by students:

1. It should be infused into the consciousness of parents that it is the sole duty of the child to chose for his/herself a choice career to pursue. And this is because, for too many times, parents have succeeded in replacing fulfilment with regret.
It is okay to guide a child in the way he/she should go, but it is wrong to choose a career for him/her. It should be discouraged by all means.   
2. Students should be schooled to understand that success doesn't usually come as a result of studied courses and good grades. It should be taught from the onset that fulfilment lies in developing that which is inherent. 

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