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Monday, April 24, 2017

4 Simple Ways To Overcome Insomnia

Chibueze Ogbonna     4:04 PM     No comments


Not a few of us who often experience insomnia or more popularly known as insomnia. Feelings of anxiety and look around the conditions that
never finished make us hard to sleep immediately. 

Not only go to sleep faster nature , our bodies need to get good quality sleep so that the whole body and mind we can come back fresh and vibrant . 

Insomnia is not a positive thing, here are some consequences of insomnia in the night that should not happen to us:

  1. Often awakened in the middle of our bedtime and it will be difficult to get back to sleep
  2. Drowsy the next morning
  3. Anxious who suddenly came
  4. Lack of spirits and excessive laziness
According to a US medical journal, says that sleep is an activity refreshing back mind and brain function . Besides sleep is an activity to evoke positive emotions , no wonder if some of us often feel uneasy if you have this sleep disorder.

Here is a simple way for you who often have difficulty to sleep at once can get a better quality sleep.

1. Prepare and Intent Yourself To Sleep
Yes, preparing for sleep is the formation of a pattern on the subconscious to become reality. In addition, you can also do mild activities such as washing feet with cold water, brushing your teeth and washing your face if necessary. 
Use clothing from lightweight materials, avoid wearing jeans. That's why many of us often see the lifestyle of western people sleep wearing underwear, because it's true it can ease and darken our sleep.

2. Set Room Temperature
Set the room temperature as comfortable as you want, because some of us have different sensitivity. If you are used to sweating during sleep, then you should avoid clothes that are rough, or remove clothes if you feel the need.
Unlike you who used to feel cold at night, use minimal clothes but warm your body with blankets and socks. You need to know, if one of the determinants of sleep quality is room temperature.

3. Stop Activity and Keep Electronic Devices
Many of us are still reasonable to feel sleepy fast by lying down while using a smartphone, chat and so on. Actually there is no harm in trying to sleep, but if this is done continuously and routinely every before bed, it is feared can interfere with the process of rest and sleep quality of a person.
Stopping activities and removing electronic devices, especially smartphones is highly recommended in almost all health journals that discuss insomnia, because it is true that before bedtime, the best thing to do is to begin to neutralize the mind and relax the muscles of our body after a full day activities.

This will become even worse for our eye health if we stay focused on using smartphones / electronic devices in less lighted rooms.

4. Presents a Relaxed and Comfortable Atmosphere
Bringing a relaxed atmosphere means generating strong positive emotions from within us, this certainly can help you to get quality sleep. To make your mind relax you can take a deep breath slowly followed by your eyes closed, and blow it slowly so you calm down. This can be done for several times until you are sleepy.

Relaxing and comfortable atmosphere plays an important role for the quality of one's sleep. In the study of psychology, this atmosphere is important to be built at bedtime so that later we can sleep soundly. One way is to play this music:

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