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Monday, May 1, 2017

How to Approve Google AdSense Fully in First Attempt {Working*}

Chibueze Ogbonna     1:49 AM    


Here is How to Approve Google AdSense by Making Your Blog AdSense Friendly: Google AdSense is the most trusted and oldest ads publishing
company. With AdSense, we can earn lots of money if we do our work in the right way. Why AdSense is the best?

This is because of their ads quality, it’s totally  awesome and one of the interesting things is that the paying rate of AdSense is better than all other ads network. Are you still getting disapproved by AdSense and wants to know How to Get AdSense Approved in 2017 then you’re at the right place! this post is only for you.

How to Approve Google AdSense by Preparing your Blog in 12 Steps

Are you ready to prepare your blog? Below are the Top 12 Points which AdSense looks in a Blog before Approving them. You have to do is to follow all points to change your blog according to AdSense.

#1 TLD is Necessary for Approving Google AdSense:

Top Level Domain (i.e. TLD) is necessary to get your blog approved by Google AdSense. Without TLD with sub-domain, there is very low changes (equal to 0%) of getting AdSense Approved. Various company such as Godaddy, Bigrock etc. are available where you can get a custom domain at very low price for the first year.
Solution: Just buy any TLD (.COM, .NET or .IN etc) in order to get Google AdSense Normal Account.

#2 Look at the Blog’s Title and Description:

I have seen in many cases AdSense disapproves an application just for the reason “Site Doesn’t Comply with Google Policy“. In such cases, AdSense either didn’t understand what your blog is about or your niche is different and is not related to their advertisers.
Problem: Many newbies bloggers create their blog and make their title too lengthy or just copy description from other blog and paste it to their own blog. Which becomes unnatural and boring to read for audience & AdSense Team,  and which doesn’t describe your blog properly.
Solution: Make your blog’s Title & Description very simple and clear. For example-

#3 Create About, Privacy Policy & Contact Page:

To get approved AdSense application, your blog must have these important pages.
  • About Page: It describes your blog to your visitors and AdSense team. Also Through this page AdSense team may confirm that you’re the same person who applied for AdSense Publisher account.
Tips: Just add genuine information about the author(you) and your blog.
  • Privacy Policy: Google AdSense team may use this page to know your blog is compatible with Google policy or not, you’re publishing unique article or you’re just scam, and what will you do with user’s information!
Tips: Use any privacy policy generator tool to generator it for your blog or write it yourself it’s just 20-25 minute work.
  • Contact Page: It indicates that you do care for your users, visitor can contact us for further help and you’re ready to help them.
Tips: Make sure your blog is having a contact page with working contact form.
If you completed all above steps then move forward to further reading……

#4 Write HQ & Unique Content:

Quality Content is the baap (father) of all points, without it you never get Normal Google AdSense Account. if you want Google to pass your blog to approve your AdSense application then remember one thing that Content is not king, ” Quality Content is King“. So, start including quality to your article which will not only help you to get AdSense but also make your blog different from others. Always give “ALT” tag to your images.

#5 Blog/Domain Age Should Be?

According to Google AdSense policy, your domain age should be minimum 6 months old in order to create AdSense account in India.
Can you wait for 6 months? I guessed the answer will be No! right?
Actually Google wants quality and unique blog. If your blog meets their requirement, they will approve your application in 1 month only. I also made an AdSense account with 10 days old blog. Better to apply when your blogs become 45+ days old in order to get Approved in very first attempt.

#6 No. of Content should be?

This is the most common question that comes to every newbies blogger till they get fully approved by AdSense. No. of posts isn’t mentioned officially, if you’re writing article in 500+ words, apply for AdSense when your blog will have at least 15+ article.

#7 Template/Theme should be Adsense friendly:

The template plays a major role to establish a good interface between user and blog. The template must be responsive. You may probably be confused, which template to use. My answer is better to use those template/theme using which someone got their AdSense Approved.

#8 Add Favicon to your Blog:

Actually, favicon is not necessary to approve Google AdSense but if you add a favicon, it will increase uniqueness of your blog which is most important in case of AdSense.

#9 No Copied Content!

Common mistake that some newbies blogger make is that they just copy article from other blog and post on their blog, after that apply for AdSense and finally got dis-approved. If you are doing copy paste then you are just wasting your time.
Always make all external link “Nofollow” because link is also considered as copyright.

#10 Traffic & Ranking Should be?

Traffic is not a big point for making Google AdSense Non-Hosted Account. But, for earning $$$ you must have good traffic. And if you’re getting traffic from US and Canada or good Traffic then this is plus point for you in order to approve AdSense.

#11 Did you read AdSense Policy?

If you still donot read Google AdSense  Terms & Condition then it is recommended to first read that line by line.

#12 Make Your Blog Ads-free:

If you are using other Ads such as ChitikaInfolinksClicksor or anything, its time to remove them all. Don’t put back until you get Fully AdSense Approved. After approval, you may add back if you want.


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